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Have you ever tried to make vegan meatballs? If not, that's too bad! But don't worry, today I'll bring you a really simple vegan meatballs recipe that every member of your family will enjoy, let's start cooking!

You can make this vegan meatballs at any time: To bring to a friend's dinner, as a second course, as a meal for your children with a little bit of rice ... sooo yummy!

The ingredients for this vegan meatballs are nothing weird, I promise you that! And what's even better, they're really, really cheap.

This recipe makes for 10-12 vegan meatballs, which can be served in your favourite sauce: white sauce, barbecue sauce... but for me, I have to say that nothing beats a good old tomato sauce.

The flavours of the tomato sauce with the ones of our vegan meatballs are the perfect combination for a healthy vegan recipe.

So, answering some common questions about vegan meatballs:

-Are this vegan meatballs freezable?

Yes, they are! This vegan meatballs can be popped them in the oven or pan later and have them with your meals as if they were just made!

-Will this vegan meatballs fall apart?

Absolutely no, they are as firm as any non-vegan meatballs, which means they are not mushy but they don't fall apart either.

-Is this vegan meatball recipe gluten-free?

Unfortunately no, but do not worry! This meatball recipe can be transformed into one by switching the 3/4 cups of whole flour with oat flour.

-Can I add any sauce to this vegan meatballs?

Absolutely yes. Have fun in the kitchen, enjoy switching things and making them unique. Your kitchen, your rules, your recipes!


-1 cup of texturised soy.
-3/4 cups of whole flour.
-1 minced garlic.
-1 tsp of paprika.
-2 tbsp of boiling vegetable broth.
-1/2 tbsp of soy sauce.
-1/2 tbsp of olive oil.

-Start of by mixing the dry ingredients into a bowl. Do the same with the wet ones.
-Add oil to a pan on a medium heat while you scoop out one tbsp of the meatball dough to roll them into balls.
-Fry your meatballs on the pan until golden.
-Get rid of the oil excess by tapping them with kitchen paper.
-Add some tomato sauce and voilà!

If you liked this vegan meatballs recipe share it with your loved ones! If you have tried this vegan meatball recipe let us know in the comments below!

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