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Today I want to share with you this amazing vegan Nutella: It's easy, cheap, quick, creamy and delicious.

And obviously it's a healthier alternative than the original nutella! If you want to make this easy vegan chocolate spread stick with me!

A homemade vegan nutella is like a dream come true to me, as I've always had a sweet tooth and I didn't want to give that up when I went vegan, and I didn't have to!

This easy vegan nutella and its creaminess it's everything I would like to have in a vegan dessert: sweet and creamy.

You can use this vegan nutella as the base or topping for one of your desserts: You can spread the nutella on the top of your cake, on your crepes or it the nutella with a toast!

You already now how versatile is this chocolate spread so go ahead and use all your creativity to get the yummiest desserts possible! Your loved ones will thrive with your nutella experimentation phase!

Back to talking about this amazing creamy vegan nutella, you will have this done in less than 5 minutes and will please all vegan and non-vegan standards!

Remember you can always reduce the amount of sugar added to this vegan nutella to fit your health goals, I can even say that with 1 tbsp this vegan nutella would be amazing!

-1 cup of toasted hazelnuts.
-2 tbsp of dairy-free cacao.
-3 tbsp of sugar.
-5 tbsp of soy milk.
-1/8 tsp of salt.
-1/2 cup of over-night soaked cashew nuts.

-Let your cashew nuts soak for a minimum of 2 hours, the longer the better to get a creamier nutella!
-Put your cashews and hazelnuts into a food processor and blend everything together. It can take up to 10 minutes to get the desired texture, so stay patient! It is important to blend every nut crumb to get an even textured nutella.
-Add the rest of the ingredients and blend the vegan nutella again for 1 minute.
-And voilà! You have your creamy and easy vegan nutella!

If you liked this easy vegan nutella share it with your friends! If you try this nutella recipe please let us now in the comments below!

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